Founded by perfectionists Kevin Hendrik Vergeer and Bart Brand to showcase their take on fashion and portray it into a series of clothing for daily use.

Created for materialists by materialists. Elaboration is not necessary for those attracted to GETYSEM as they know who they are. Anyone with this characteristic trait will create a new founded love for GETYSEM.

GETYSEM trusts and relies upon their own decisions on how to create the best pieces for their permanent following. Implementation of the finest fabrics is the main focus of the house of GETYSEM.

Sustainability lives within the brand and will be implemented in some kind of ways through the collection.

GETYSEM is a brand based on real life situations, idealism, past, presence and overthinking. This is the backbone of the company, the house rules we live by and the way Kevin Hendrik Vergeer and Bart Brand design the collections.